Workplace Investigations & Employee Management

Our expertise and independence ensures that our workplace investigations and employee management support services meet all your requirements.

Weir Consulting provides independent workplace services that will assist your organisation to better manage and prevent disruptive behaviours. Unwanted workplace behaviours are usually a symptom of interpersonal conflict; a lack of competency; out-of-date procedures, or systems that do not support the needs of the business. We can help you to identify the causes and put in place policies and practices that will support the needs of your business.

Weir Consulting has experience in providing workplace investigations to a wide range of employers, including federal government agencies, state government departments, local councils, private corporations, insurers and the not-for-profit sector.

Our team of consultants have qualifications in human resources, psychology, law, workplace investigations, mediation, conflict resolution and workplace coaching.

Our range of workplace services includes:

  • Conducting preliminary assessments with workplace investigators, which may involve:
    • breaches of workplace law, policy, procedure
    • conduct capable of amounting to serious misconduct (aka gross misconduct for those using older terminology)
    • allegations that have been made under relevant Public Disclosure legislation and those matters referred to the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC)
    • identifying the best approach to dealing with workplace bullying and/or harassment complaints
    • allegations of fraud or corrupt conduct
    • breaches of privacy or confidentiality
    • sexual misconduct or sexual harassment in the workplace
    • local council code of conduct investigations
    • examining alleged adverse action, reprisal or victimisation at work
    • investigating interpersonal conflict or miscommunication
    • assessment or review of internal process or approaches to management
    • assessment of behaviours against any applicable code of conduct in the workplace
    • assisting with matters referred to external agencies
  • Conflict resolution and workplace mediation
  • Workplace culture reviews
  • Coaching and training
  • Industrial compliance audits
  • Policy drafting, review and amendment
  • HR support, including the provision of advice about procedural fairness and ensuring the use of correct process.

Resolution of workplace conflict

Conflict in the workplace reduces productivity and creates health and safety risks. Our consultants are experienced in workplace mediations, facilitated discussions and conflict coaching to help resolve interpersonal and workplace differences.

Workplace reviews

Not all workplaces have positive and productive cultures. Our workplace culture reviews can identify factors that contribute to these problems and recommend evidence-based interventions to assist you to effectively manage change.

Human resource management

It is well known that the impact conflict, bullying, sexual misconduct, discrimination, and sexual harassment in the workplace is significant. WEIR can assist with management of employees, policy drafting, HR initiatives and implementing organisational change.

Industrial audits

Employers cannot afford to be vague about the industrial awards or enterprise agreements that apply to their staff, or the requirements of legislation.  Audits may include activities such as reviewing individual payroll records, award classifications and identifying gaps in existing policies and procedures.


The training we provide is designed to support effective employee management and drawn from our extensive experience and knowledge. We focus on topics that help you comply with work health and safety laws, better manage performance and promote a positive and productive workplace.


Workplace investigation into misconduct or other matters, such as grievance investigations require investigative skills and knowledge of relevant workplace policies, employment laws and regulatory environments. Inadequate investigations can result in poor outcomes for both employees and the business concerned.

We are 100% confidential so sorry, no fancy company logos here. However, we have acted for:

Pharmaceutical workplace services
Entertainment Workplace services
Finiancial and Banking Workplace Investigations
University workplace investigation and review
Healthcare investigations

Just Saying...

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A bit about us

Our dedicated multidisciplinary team includes lawyers, human resource specialists, public sector experts, mediators, coaches and workplace investigators who would like to work with you to create and maintain a workplace culture that:

  • resists and manages bullying, discrimination and harassment; fraud, corruption and other forms of misconduct;
  • takes thoughtful and measured action when confronting unwelcome and inappropriate workplace behaviours.

Weir Consulting has expertise providing workplace services to a wide range of employers that include state and local government departments, Local Councils, private corporations, insurers and the not for profit sector.

If you are searching  for Workplace Investigations in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Central Coast, Gold Coast or Brisbane, feel free to learn more about us and meet our team

WEIR Directors provide workplace investigations in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Brisbane
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