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Elaine Brus, an experienced industrial and employment law barrister, assembled the foundation directors of WEIR upon her exit from the bar in 2015. She identified the need for independent, practical, knowledgeable and reliable workplace investigations that meet legal and regulatory requirements. Over time, our range of services has grown as our client base has come to recognise the depth and value of our expertise across the spectrum of employee management. Elaine retired from WEIR in 2018 and our current managing consultant is Peter Harvey.


Our ethical approach applies to the manner in which we conduct workplace investigations and provide supplementary services, such as dispute resolution and culture reviews. The value of a culture review, a workplace investigation or any other service can be compromised if the consultant does not adhere to important ethical values such as integrity, impartiality, respect, service, accountability and transparency. WEIR is committed to the highest ethical standards and the utmost excellence in the execution of those standards.

Clients and Matters

WEIR performs work for a range of private enterprises and public agencies, and it has been appointed to a number of local, state and federal government schemes and panels.

WEIR regularly receives instructions from law firms on behalf of their clients. Instructing solicitors can be confident that our work will be procedurally fair, will be conducted on a truly independent, third-party basis and with proper analysis and assessment of evidence. We also take into consideration the employer’s duty of care so as to minimise the risk of alleged adverse action, claims of reprisal, victimisation and retaliation, particularly when addressing allegations of serious harassment in the workplace. Likewise, claims that there has been a breach in workplace bullying laws and sexual harassment legislation require careful consideration of the relevant legislation, its caselaw and associated policies. WEIR consultants have the knowledge and skills to handle these complexities.  

We have provided services to:

  • NSW Government departments and agencies
  • VIC Government departments
  • Federal Government agencies 
  • Local councils
  • Healthcare providers
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Entertainment sector (streaming and television services)
  • Nursing homes and in-home care services
  • Mining, manufacturing and engineering operations
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Universities and other educational institutions
  • Multinational corporations, including ones with only satellite operations in Australia
  • Not-for-profit sector
Weir Consulting (National) employs workplace bullying consultants, mediators and conflict resolution experts with staff and offices along the east coast of Australia, including Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, and provides services nationally.
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