Misconduct risks for employees working remotely

Employees have a duty of good faith and fidelity to employers. They should behave ethically and act with honesty and integrity. Given the current global outbreak of the Coronavirus, all organisations, both government and non-government, are turning to remote work as a solution to keep their businesses running and maintain essential services. In some cases […]

Workplace bullying in the time of COVID-19

Principal Consultant Christa Ludlow has prepared a whitepaper titled Workplace Bullying, Evidence Based Approaches to a Complex Problem – which you can download for free. The whitepaper draws on recent research and WEIR’s own experience in workplace investigations and conflict resolution, to examine why the prevalence of bullying remains high despite attempts to reduce workplace […]

Sexual harassment in the Hotel Industry

In 2017 the USA Time Magazine awarded its ‘Person of the Year’ to ‘The Silence Breakers’ –women who have come forward to break the silence about sexual harassment and sexual violence. You may have heard about the Hollywood actresses such as Ashley Judd, Selma Blair and Alyssa Milano, who went public about sexual assaults and […]

Helpful resources

Links to helpful websites, relevant associations, networks and conferences: Australia Association of Workplace Investigators:  https://www.awi.org/page/AAWI Australian Institute of Professional Investigators:   https://www.aipi.asn.au/ International Association on Workplace Bullying & Harassment:   https://www.iawbh.org/ NSW Corruption Prevention Network:   https://corruptionprevention.net/ QLD Corruption Prevention Network: http://www.cpnq.org/content/standard.asp? 2020 National Investigation Symposium: https://www.icac.nsw.gov.au/education-and-events/national-investigations-symposium Australian & New Zealand Mental Health Association hold an annual No More Harm Conference […]

The Underperforming Colleague

One of my team members is under-performing, which creates more work for me. My boss handles this by giving me his urgent and important tasks because she knows I will get the work done. What should I do?  The first step is to identify what your colleague is actually doing, or not doing. Is your colleague’s performance really below standard? Does he lack the required […]

Some good reasons to look at privacy procedures in your organisation

It’s Australian Privacy Awareness week (May 13 to 20) and the theme is “From Principles to Practice”.   If your organisation deals with personal data, you will know that storing and using this data involves benefits and risks. Perhaps the most damaging is reputational risk. If you lose a client’s information, will they trust you again? A notorious recent example is the loss of 12 million customers’ bank statements held by the […]

Sexual Harassment in the legal Workplace

What is being done about sexual harassment in the legal workplace?  The #MeToo movement overseas and the #Now movement locally, as well as the downfall of several prominent male lawyers, has directed attention to the prevalence of workplace sexual harassment and discrimination in the Australian and New Zealand legal professions. There is abundant evidence that sexual harassment is a serious problem for the profession, and has been for a number of years.   How common is sexual harassment […]

7 Mistakes that can derail a Workplace Investigation

1.Not having a policy on workplace behaviour  2.Confusing “evidence” and “proof”  Put simply, the purpose of a workplace misconduct investigation is to gather and analyse facts which will assist the employer to form an opinion about whether misconduct has occurred.   By conducting interviews, looking at documents and so on, the investigator will gather evidence. But […]


As workplace investigators and dispute resolution specialists, there are two workplace scenarios we see frequently.   The employer wants to investigate a complaint which could have been resolved by an alternative dispute resolution process and/or conflict coaching.  The employer calls in an investigator because attempts to resolve the complaint by alternative dispute resolution have failed.   Both scenarios create headaches for the employer. But how do you decide which approach has the best […]

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