As workplace investigators and dispute resolution specialists, there are two workplace scenarios we see frequently.   The employer wants to investigate a complaint which could have been resolved by an alternative dispute resolution process and/or conflict coaching.  The employer calls in an investigator because attempts to resolve the complaint by alternative dispute resolution have failed.   Both scenarios create headaches for the employer. But how do you decide which approach has the best […]


I work with a colleague who I find very frustrating and confusing. Outwardly she is polite and supportive, but she never follows through on her promises and lately I have heard that she is criticising me to others. She seems unhappy with me but when I ask her about it she denies it.  I have been […]

How to handle an underperforming colleague

One of my team members is under-performing, which creates more work for me. My boss handles this by giving me his urgent and important tasks because she knows I will get the work done. What should I do? The first step is to identify what your colleague is actually doing, or not doing. Is your colleague’s performance really below standard? Does he lack the required […]

How do I know if I have a People Management Problem

The existence of systemic people management problems in an organisation often goes unrecognised because the critical symptoms can easily be misinterpreted.   If you have one or more of the following symptoms in your organisation, it can be a sign that you need to review your people management strategies and activities: Failure to meet organisational KPIs. […]

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