Meet our Consultants

The high standard of our work is built on the depth of experience and expertise of our team


Managing Director

A highly qualified and experienced investigator, mediator and coach with leadership experience and a background in employment and work health and safety law. She uses her deep knowledge of the law, workplace conduct and organisational culture to help WEIR’s clients.

Peter Harvey


A well-respected leader and consultant with 40 years of conflict and dispute management, investigation and project management experience. He is adept in dealing with complex and sensitive matters in all jurisdictions and has worked extensively with disadvantaged and socially or culturally diverse backgrounds. He also has vast experience in group facilitation, training and presentation of conference papers.



A highly respected and experienced investigator, People and Culture professional and leader with a strong focus on management of workplace conflict and building positive workplaces. Her expertise in management and organisational practices provides insights into systemic issues impacting the functioning of teams.



An experienced investigator and lawyer with a strong background assisting workplaces overseen by regulatory bodies or legislation. Experienced with interviewing vulnerable parties and children, he is skilled at encouraging open communication and is also an accredited mediator.

Nicole Talty

Senior Consultant

A highly regarded People & Culture/HR professional with a strong operational focus, Nicole has provided business and strategic support to workplaces with high levels of technical specialty and regulatory obligations. She has extensive experience in change management and negotiation and combines superior people skills with a logical and practical approach to workplace issues.


Senior Consultant

A highly experienced investigator specialising in regulatory investigations in the disability care sector and NSW local government. He has deep understanding of the function and structure of state and Australian public sector environments, and the experience of working within highly regulated workplaces. An exceptional interviewer with excellent stakeholder management skills.


Senior Consultant

An investigator with experience in legal practice, advo- cacy and investigation conducting serious and complex inquiries for the Australian Government. Felicity has con- ducted inquiries into matters such as sexual harassment, bullying, inappropriate behaviour, fraud, breach of policy and procedures. She has also provided legal review of inquiries conducted by other personnel.


Senior Consultant

An investigator and governance reform professional with experience in specialised law enforcement, regulation and investigation operating at the highest standards. He was a Senior Investigator in the NSW Police Integrity Commission’s function detecting, investigating and preventing corruption and other serious officer misconduct regarding the NSW Police Force and the New South Wales Crime Commission.

Simon Harvey

Business development and practice manager

As business development and practice manager, Simon Harvey is responsible for developing and maintaining WEIR’s recordkeeping system and providing general administrative support. He is also in charge of company growth and business outreach.

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