Felicity Rogers

Felicity Rogers


Felicity is a highly experienced investigator with over 20 years’ experience in legal practice, advocacy and investigation conducting serious and complex inquiries for the Australian Government.

Felicity spent 8 years as a Legal Officer in the Royal Australian Navy specialising in international, operational and administrative law, before being admitted to the Bar in 2001. She has continued her legal service in the Navy Reserve since 2002 and is currently Head of NSW Navy Legal Reserve Panel.

Felicity has conducted inquiries into matters such as sexual harassment, bullying, inappropriate behaviour, fraud, breach of policy and procedures. She has also provided legal review of inquiries conducted by other personnel.

Felicity’s recent appointments have included investigations into allegations of harassment and inappropriate behaviour of executive personnel and an inquiry into an alleged ‘hazing’ incident onboard an RAN ship.

Felicity has recently completed a Diploma of Counselling which has enhanced her interviewing techniques with people who are reticent to discuss their experiences or who are experiencing heightened emotions.