Group Focused Resolution Services

group focused


A workplace culture review is designed to gather information from members of a team about the way it functions. The information is used to address issues and build on the team’s strengths to develop a supportive workplace culture.

Used when
  • for teams with histories of ongoing conflict
  • when there is an ongoing history of grievances and complaints raised by more than one member of a team or workplace
  • to assist with the integration of teams following strategic realignments

The purpose of a grievance investigation is to assess complaints about workplace issues with a focus on restoring relationships or managing the issues raised by the complainant(s).

Used to
  • address workforce management concerns
  • review equity, privacy and WHS practices
  • ensure compliance with policy or regulation

Pulse surveys provide insight into issues concerning employees. The data allows comparison of results over time and assessment of interventions.

Used to
  • as a low-cost assessment of a problematic workplace
  • to assess the accuracy of employee complaints about culture
  • on its own or as an element of a workplace culture review