Human Resource Management

Policy development and review

There is a body of research that shows there is a causal link between Human Resource policy and organisational performance. The work of Wright and Nashii also shows that there can be a gap between intended HR practice, actual practice and perceived practice which is damaging to employee attitudes and behaviours and impacts on an organisation’s performance.

Are your policies up to date? Do they cover the key issues such as dealing with workplace bullying, discrimination and harassment; managing ill and injured employees; work health and safety; use of social media; code of conduct; drugs and alcohol; grievances; workplace surveillance and handling of misconduct? Are your policies exposing you to risk because they are incorrect, fail to address essential issues or increase your level of obligation to employees?

We can review your existing policies, identify gaps and update them to best practice.

Performance Management Systems

We all understand the utility in having a robust Performance Management System (PMS). At WEIR Consulting we can help to develop and implement a tailored PMS that meets your day-to-day performance and development needs and includes a sound framework from which to address poor or unsatisfactory performance.

We have a number of tools that will assist line managers and HR practitioners to ensure employees are given a structured opportunity to understand and address performance issues whilst creating sound documentation that will underpin future decisions. The tools include various templates and forms and practical checklists and guidance on how to counsel an employee, setting standards and having those difficult discussions where performance is unsatisfactory.

Case Management

Employers can face protracted, complex and challenging situations with some employees. These situations can be long term, difficult to resolve and they often tend to be resource intensive without getting substantial results. At WEIR Consulting we can:

  • Provide practical ongoing advice and guidance to manage and address specific situations
  • Triage and assess situations and develop targeted actions to achieve a resolution
  • Investigate and report on an external complaint
  • Undertake a risk assessment and identify strategies to eliminate or mitigate the risks identified in a case
  • Prepare appropriate records and documents centred on a specific case
  • Provide one-on-one coaching and guidance to individual managers.

WEIR Consulting has a number of experienced consultants who can work closely with line managers and HR practitioners to ensure individual cases are managed effectively.


Why might you need a facilitator?

A skilled facilitator can help make crucial meetings more productive; coordinate a meeting between stakeholders and help them to negotiate an issue; or run any kind of group process to ensure that there is effective participation, mutual understanding and shared responsibility for the outcome.

The facilitator will work with you to design the process to suit your event and then guide the group to an effective result. He or she will ensure that decisions and questions are properly recorded and actioned.

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