Individual Focused Investigations

individual focused

An initial assessment is conducted to identify the most appropriate management mechanism for addressing concerns and complaints raised about individuals, groups and workplaces.

Used when

Complaints or issues have been raised and the organisation does not have sufficient information to make an appropriate management decision.

The purpose of a grievance investigation is to assess complaints about workplace issues with a focus on restoring relationships or managing the issues raised by the complainant(s).

Used to
  • correct errors and resolve disputes about terms and conditions
  • address systemic/policy concerns
  • most commonly, assist in the repair broken relationships.

Misconduct investigations gather evidence, put allegations to an individual for response, make findings and recommendations about whether misconduct has occurred and identify any relevant systemic or other issues that need to be considered by the decision maker.

Used to

Manage complex conduct allegations serious enough to warrant investigation.

Typically, misconduct allegations usually focus on:

  • breaches of legislation, code or other policy or procedure
  • adverse action
  • where a Public Interest Disclosure (PID) or whistleblower complaint has been made

WEIR has developed an AWARE unit to provide training
and support for sexual harassment and sexual misconduct matters. Our AWARE experts can swiftly scope a complaint on your behalf, producing a short report and recommendations for next steps

Used to
  • prevent sexual harassment in the workplace
  • modify entrenched behaviours
  • deliver services to address sexual harassment complaints