Individual Focused Resolution Services


Facilitated discussions (FD) and mediations provide a safe environment for individual parties to repair their interpersonal relationship, identify and discuss options and come to an agreement about how they can work together more effectively in the future.

  • to resolve interpersonal workplace conflicts
  • prior to more formal processes such as grievance investigations
  • to repair relationships following workplace culture reviews and/or grievance investigations

A negotiated behaviour process can be conducted when parties in dispute are unable or unwilling to take steps to repair their interpersonal relationship and still have to work together.

  • previous mediation or FD has not led to resolution
  • FD/mediation is unsafe for one or both parties
  • one or both parties declines to participate in mediation
  • one or both parties lacks the capacity to resolve interpersonal issues

Restorative and conflict coaching can assist parties to understand the dynamics of conflict and their role in a workplace conflict and assist them to repair interpersonal relationships and develop new ways of communicating with colleagues.

  • as part of or following other resolution services
  • when one or both parties are struggling to move from blame to resolution
  • when one or both parties are experiencing heightened emotions when discussing conflict
  • leadership coaching
  • as part of preparation for FD/mediation

Leadership Coaching is a collaborative process between a coach and a client which has the aim of enhancing
the client’s life experience, performance, wellbeing or development and their ability to make positive purposeful change.

  • to help leaders lead
  • to address problematic behaviours
  • to identify and build on strengths to improve performance and wellbeing
  • to assist clients to observe and manage the complexity of the systems they work in