Meet Our Consultants old

Peter Harvey

Managing Consultant and Director

Peter has extensive management experience and skills developed over 28 years in both operational and human resource domains.

Amanda Harvey


Amanda is an experienced employment lawyer, workplace investigator and consultant to the public and private sector.

Christa Ludlow


Christa is an experienced employment law solicitor, workplace investigator, mediator and coach with a background in leadership and law.

Kate Molloy


Kate has spent her career specialising in preventing and managing workplace conflict as a trainer, an employment relations specialist and an investigator.

Luke is an experienced workplace investigator and solicitor with a strong background in professional standards investigations. A former officer with the NSW Police Force, Luke has spent 15 years working in the public sector.

Kirsty is a highly experienced human resources professional and investigator who has spent
over 15 years’ leading strategic and operational workforce functions in government and non-
government organisations.

Matt Truelove is a highly experienced investigator with over 13 years’ experience in
conducting complex and sensitive investigations in the NSW Police and the Australian Public

Nia Elovaris has over 18 years’ experience as a legal professional, providing high level advice in the public and private sectors. She held a number of positions in the Office of Public Prosecutions (OPP) Victoria, including Deputy Manager and Principal Solicitor.

Tanya is a fully accredited mediator and has provided a variety of services as part of WEIR’s consultant team. Specialising in interpersonal relationships and conflict resolution, she has played a key role in team projects including business system and process reviews, workplace culture reviews and complex conflict assessment and resolution matters.

As business development and practice manager, Simon Harvey is responsible for developing and maintaining WEIR’s record-keeping system and providing general administrative support. He is also in charge of company growth and business outreach. 

Mark Loves

Senior Consultant

Mark Loves is a former police officer with over 14 years’ experience in criminal investigation and intelligence. As a consultant, Mark has comprehensive experience in conducting workplace investigations and, in particular, allegations of serious misconduct that may overlap with criminal investigation.

Felicity is a highly experienced investigator with over 20 years’ experience in legal practice, advocacy and investigation conducting serious and complex inquiries for the Australian Government.

Robert is a highly experienced investigator and governance reform professional with over 29 years of experience in specialised law enforcement, regulation and investigation operating at the highest standards.  His previous law enforcement career of 26 years spanned policing, public sector governance and a specialist independent regulatory Commission.   

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