Our Consultants

Peter Harvey

Managing Consultant

Peter has extensive management experience and skills developed over 28 years in both operational and human resource domains.

Amanda Harvey

Principal Consultant

Amanda is an experienced employment lawyer, workplace investigator and consultant to the public and private sector.

Christa Ludlow

Principal Consultant

Christa is an experienced employment law solicitor, investigator, mediator and coach.


Kate Molloy

Principal Consultant

Kate has spent her career specialising in preventing and managing workplace conflict as a trainer, an employment relations specialist, and an investigator.

Mick Symons

Senior Consultant

Mick has extensive experience in investigating fraud and corruption related issues. During his police career, he supervised the Anti Corruption Branch in South Australia, before becoming the Executive Director of the investigations unit of ICAC NSW.

Mark Loves

Senior Consultant

Mark Loves is a former police officer with over 14 years’ experience in criminal investigation and intelligence. As a consultant, Mark specialises in fraud and corruption investigations.

Julie has extensive experience in the field of employee relations and human resources, which has been developed over 20 years of working in both the public and private sectors, and in federal and state jurisdictions.

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