Julie Duncan

Julie Duncan

Julie Duncan

Senior Consultant

Julie has extensive experience in the employee relations and human resources field, developed over 20 years of working in both the public and private sectors, and in both federal and state jurisdictions. She has led and managed the negotiation of enterprise agreements and industrial awards, and dealt with a significant number of complex industrial relations disputes. Julie has conducted workplace investigations into allegations of bullying and harassment and other gross misconduct matters, and provided advice regarding performance management and the development of human resources policies.

In her most recent role in the private sector, Julie managed a portfolio of 24 enterprise agreements and dealt with 15 unions across Australia and New Zealand. In her most recent role in the NSW public sector, she led and managed a number of significant matters including major award negotiations and the resolution of industrial disputes.

Julie has also negotiated and implemented a NSW council’s salary system and redesigned and simplified their industrial framework.

Julie has particular skill in developing employee-relations strategy and policy to respond to an organisation’s needs.

Investigation Examples

  • Disciplinary investigation into two initial complaints, made by staff, of bullying and harassment in the workplace by a senior manager in a regional location.
  • Disciplinary investigation into complaints made by senior staff of bullying and harassment by their senior manager, covering over 30 allegations.
  • Code of Conduct investigation into a complaint regarding a newsletter published by staff members with alleged defamatory comments and breaches of confidentiality regarding members of the management team.
  • Disciplinary investigation into a complaint made by recently dismissed employee that other staff had breached the confidentiality requirements of a Deed of Release relating to his dismissal.

Other work examples

  • Review of recruitment process after allegations of bias.
  • Review of promotion process after allegations of inappropriate behaviour by management.
  • Review of misconduct matter after allegations of unfair process.
  • Review/re-writing of a suite of HR and ER company policies.

Education and qualifications

Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice
Bachelor of Laws
Master of Commerce (Employment Relations)
Graduate Diploma in Employment Relations
Bachelor of Arts


Associate Member of the Law Society of NSW
Member of the Industrial Relations Society of NSW