Kate Molloy

Kate Molloy Workplace trainer and employment relations specialist

Kate Molloy

Principal Consultant

Kate has a wealth of experience as a senior and principal business consultant with a strong focus on the management of workplace conflict, including dealing with workplace bullying and/or harassment and team related workplace dysfunction. She has worked in both the Commonwealth and state public sectors, specialising in Learning and Development, Human Resource Management, Employee Relations and Service Centre management.  

Specialising in complex workplace matters, Kate is well accepted by others in difficult or adverse situations and is especially adept at approaching difficult conversations with confidence and assurance. Her genuine fascination with the different points of view of individuals in a conflict enables her to quickly build working rapport and develop creative strategies for improving workplace relationships.

Kate has developed procedure manuals for the implementation of complex, legislatively-based conduct and performance guidelines; conducted numerous grievance and disciplinary investigations – particularly those involving bullying and/or harassment; conducted numerous facilitated discussion processes to resolve workplace conflicts; conducted workplace and management reviews; and provided training for more than 1000 staff and managers in code of conduct, bullying, harassment and performance management.

Investigation examples

  • Preliminary investigation into complaints of bullying and harassment in the workplace; conflict of interest; poor management practices; poor recruitment and selection practices; possible corrupt conduct, and poor general management practices. This investigation focused on the CEO, the Deputy CEO and raised issues in relation to Board members.
  • Preliminary investigation into complaints made by a member of the public who had direct dealings with multiple employees/managers across various levels of an organisation. The complaints included systemic discrimination and harassment, corrupt procurement practices and maladministration.
  • Misconduct investigation into allegations involving falsification of timesheets, attendance records and leave records, and receiving payment for hours not worked. The investigation focused a mid-level employee.
  • Misconduct investigation into allegations that a Head Teacher bullied and harassed a student/staff member.
  • Grievance investigation into allegations of an Executive’s persistent bullying and harassment in the workplace; possible corrupt conduct and poor management practices by CEO and Board Chairman.
  • Grievance investigation into complaints of bullying and harassment and corrupt procurement practices. The investigation focused on a senior manager who reported directly to the CEO.
  • Grievance investigation into complaints of bullying and harassment and extensive examples of maladministration. The investigation focused on a senior manager who reported directly to the CEO.

Other relevant projects

  • Workplace review conducted in response to a large number of formal and informal grievances/complaints. This was a wide-ranging review of a small, isolated workplace located in regional NSW.
  • Workplace review conducted in response to on-going conflict between members of a leadership group. 
  • Facilitated discussion process into a complaint raised by a senior doctor about perceived false allegations made by a specialist management group.  
  • Facilitated discussion process used to address concerns raised by a staff member about a manager she believed was bullying and undermining her at work.
  • Facilitated discussion process used to resolve tensions caused by a breakdown in a friendship between a staff member and manager.
  • Mediated outcomes of two related grievances involving two senior officers and an administration assistant.
  • Coaching to improve interpersonal skills generally, as well as the direct relationship between a manager and staff member. This was conducted using face-to-face and telephone coaching as participants were in a regional location.
  • Developed and delivered workplace behaviour and conducted training for approximately 1600 staff and managers in a single organisation. The focus of the training was code of conduct, bullying, harassment, discrimination and related conflict management/communication techniques.
  • Facilitated planning sessions, extended SWOT processes and advanced interpersonal communication techniques.

Qualifications and Certifications

Master of Education (Adult)
Graduate Certificate (Adult Ed – Training)
Bachelor of Arts
Certificate IV Government (Investigation)
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
Conflict Coach

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