Luke Naividi

Luke Naividi


Luke is an experienced workplace investigator and lawyer with a strong background assisting workplaces overseen by regulatory bodies or legislation. Luke has 18 years of experience investigating matters in the NSW Police, NSW Department of Education and WEIR. He has significant experience investigating reportable allegations in line with the NSW Reportable Conduct Scheme, which is overseen by the Office of the Children’s Guardian. This developed his expertise in interviewing vulnerable parties, including children and people with disabilities.

Luke has investigated allegations involving corruption, maladministration and fraud involving senior public sector managers across all levels of government, including local councils and commonwealth government agencies. He has also provided investigation and complaint management services for not-for profit organisations and the social and disability services industry.

Luke is adept at articulating verbal and documentary evidence in reliable, rigorous reports and is meticulous in his presentation of evidence with reference to policy and procedure. Passionate about maintaining accountability to participants, procedural fairness, independence and the integrity of his findings, Luke quickly grasps the most pertinent issues of a matter. This streamlines his investigations while ensuring that highly relevant avenues are explored.

As Principal Consultant, Luke provides guidance and leadership to WEIR’s consultant team, harnessing his advanced understanding of investigative methodology, expertise in managing investigation teams and developing training in investigation practice. His calm demeanour, thoughtful questions and generosity with his expertise provide valuable insight into complex matters and best practice conduct.

Seeing the potential in being able to address and resolve interpersonal issues before they reach the point of grievance and misconduct investigation procedures, Luke expanded his skill set into mediation and facilitated discussion. His knack for perceiving the core of issues and ability to encourage open communication with participants during investigations has enhanced his mediation skills and he has likewise implemented techniques from his conflict resolution training when conducting grievance matters with great success.

Qualifications and Certifications

Master of Laws (Applied Law) majoring in Dispute Resolution

Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice

Diploma in Law

Bachelor of Arts

Associate Degree in Policing Practices

Leading Managers Program