Matt Truelove

Matt Truelove

Senior Consultant

Matt is a highly experienced investigator with over 13 years’ experience in conducting complex and sensitive investigations as a Detective in the NSW Police and Senior Investigator in the Australian Public Service. Throughout his career Matt has engaged in both the public and private sectors and at all levels of activity, from operations to strategic, influential, consultative, and executive leadership.

As a Senior Investigator for the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC), Matt took a hybrid role of strategic and operational support, leading intelligence operations and key executive and managerial functions, including overseeing multidisciplinary teams and liaising closely with key stakeholders, government bodies, and other relevant parties. Matt planned, initiated and managed transnational serious crime investigations focused on serious organised and financial crime, major fraud and corruption. He has specialty training, experience and qualifications in investigative interviewing, risk management, investigation management and human intelligence. 

Matt specialises in conducting reviews and investigations to guide senior decision makers in the implementation of appropriate and effective resolution strategies and where necessary support compliance action and disciplinary measures. He is experienced in regulatory investigations with emphasis on the disability care sector and NSW local government. His highly developed skill in quickly recognising inconsistencies with evidence and personal accounts was developed in his years of criminal investigation experience. He loves solving mysteries and harnesses his enjoyment of fact finding and problem solving to provide risk analysis and solutions for clients.

Matt has a deep understanding of state and Australian Public Service environments and can apply his regulatory and legislative understanding to different industries and jurisdictions. He also understands the complexity and circumstances of working within highly regulated environments. 

Matt’s calm and relaxed presence is reassuring to interviewees, but he simultaneously maintains a clear focus on evidence and outcomes. He acts with honesty and integrity and is focused on solutions that drive positive workplace culture. He easily builds rapport with anyone he interacts with and has excellent stakeholder management skills, developing effective professional relationships. 

Matt has leveraged his unique experience and advanced training in human intelligence, leadership and management, communication, negotiation, interviewing and stakeholder engagement to gather useful and practical information to support change and resolve complex problems.     

Qualifications and Certifications

  • Masters of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Graduate Certificate Business Administration
  • Diploma of Leadership and Management
  • Bachelor Policing (Investigation)
  • Advanced Diploma of Public Safety (Covert Operations)
  • Advanced Diploma of Public Safety (Criminal Investigations)
  • Human Source Management Level 3
  • Associate Degree of Policing Practice