Nia Elovaris

Nia Elovaris

Senior Consultant

Nia Elovaris has 20 years’ experience as a legal professional and investigator and has provided high level advice in the public and private sectors. As the face of WEIR’s AWARE Sexual Harassment and Sexual Misconduct unit, she specialises in management and investigation into these matters in the workplace.

Nia’s natural openness and empathy allows open discussions about challenging subject matter, creating safety and free-flowing conversation. Her breadth of experience with people from all walks of life builds swift and strong rapport with all parties to a matter. Nia’s commitment to independence and creating a neutral landscape allows the evidence to speak for itself, providing the opportunity for an informed and considered understanding of the events and equal treatment for all parties.

Nia was Deputy Manager of the Specialist Sex Offences Unit of the Office of Public Prosecutions in Victoria, which was then prosecuting more than 500 indictable sex offence matters annually. She provided training to the Specialist Sex Offence investigation officers of Victoria Police on effective preparation of briefs of evidence. Expert at understanding the implications of serious sexual misconduct in the workplace, she provides recommendations on police involvement and ensuring the appropriate standard and protection of evidence is maintained for these matters.

Nia’s understanding of private and public sector systems is a function of her diverse background in small practices and large government organisations. She approaches matters with a risk mitigation mindset and readily identifies systemic issues within organisations that contribute to acceptance of inappropriate behaviour. Her dedication to developing and implementing effective systems that advance outcomes is demonstrated in her recommendations for systemic improvements and providing education and training in the workplace.

Qualifications and Certifications

Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice

Certificate of Admission

Bachelor of Law | Bachelor of Arts