Peter Harvey

Peter Harvey

Managing Consultant and Director

Peter is a well-respected leader and workplace consultant with 40 years of conflict and dispute management, investigation and project management experience. He has extensive management experience and skills developed over 28 years in both the operational and human resource domains of NSW government and the not-for-profit sector. He is adept in dealing with complex and sensitive matters in all jurisdictions and has worked extensively with disadvantaged and socially or culturally diverse backgrounds. He also has vast experience in group facilitation, training and presentation of conference papers.

Peter has approached all his varied roles with a big picture perspective and a structured project management approach. He is adept at bringing the best people together and drawing on their strengths to see a project to successful completion. His ability to think outside the box and find innovative solutions sets him apart, ensuring the organisations not only overcome obstacles but also thrive in the process.

Peter has a wealth of experience and understanding of all of WEIR’s services. This provides reassurance to clients and enables him to provide advice and recommendations about appropriate management of complex workplace issues.

Peter is calm, perceptive and emotionally intelligent which allows him to understand and articulate the dynamics that hinder team cohesion and productivity, bringing tailored solutions to address these challenges. His approach is a combination of strategic interventions with a deep understanding of human behaviour to unlock the full potential of teams.

Peter has a strong sense of justice, fairness and the welfare of others. This ensures that he strives to do the best in all matters by gathering and analysing evidence with an awareness of bias to deliver the best outcomes and seeing justice done. He has a strong conviction that a person’s behaviour should be considered within a broad perspective of potential causes that he is not aware of, and that all participants deserve respect and fairness even when they behave inappropriately.


Qualifications, Certifications and Memberships

Master of Public Administration

Diploma of Ministry

Cert IV Government Investigations

Cert III Investigations

Accredited Mediator

CINERGY Conflict Coach

LEADR Practitioner Member

Member Australian Human Resource Institute

Member ANZSOG Alumni

Commercial & Private Inquiry Agents Licence