Robert Paterson

Robert Paterson

Senior Consultant

Robert is a highly experienced investigator and governance reform professional with over 29 years of experience in specialised law enforcement, regulation and investigation operating at the highest standards.  His previous law enforcement career of 26 years spanned policing, public sector governance and a specialist independent regulatory Commission.   

Robert spent 15 years as a Senior Investigator in the NSW Police Integrity Commission’s function to detect, investigate and prevent corruption and other serious officer misconduct regarding the New South Wales Police Force and the New South Wales Crime Commission.  In this function he managed, directed and performed an extensive range of covert and overt investigative, compliance and governance assessment and advisory functions.

Robert’s recent key engagements include investigations and reviews of breaches of code of conduct, procurement and tender processes, conflicts of interest, breaches of confidentiality, misuse of confidential information, fraud, corrupt conduct, misappropriation of resources, and failures of safety, risk and security protocols that had resulted in serious injury and death.  He has been actively involved in strategic management reviews of policies and procedures for State Government bodies.

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