Tanya Mere

Tanya Mere


Tanya is a workplace consultant with high-level skills in the areas of conflict resolution, culture reviews and investigations. She is a nationally accredited mediator and has provided a variety of services for WEIR over the past 5 years, including key roles in business system and process reviews, workplace culture reviews and complex conflict assessment and resolution matters.

Tanya’s specialty is communication, and she approaches everything with an intention to reveal and understand the needs or gaps to be addressed to create more effective workplaces. She is adept at process mapping and understanding connections and causation links between interpersonal conflict and workplace systems. She has exceptional skill with creating elegant visual representations of complex systems that serve as actionable roadmaps for improvement.

Tanya’s emotional intelligence and empathy provide a safe space for people in distress and conflict, allowing them to move towards more effective workplace relationships with tools for emotional regulation and improved communication strategies. She has a strong sense of integrity and focuses on ensuring stakeholders can participate in dispute resolution processes in a safe environment.

Tanya is collaborative and team player orientated who easily builds rapport and trust with clients allowing them to feel comfortable and confident in her professional skills and abilities. With a background in business development and practice management she is skilled in identifying client specific intricacies and nuances that allows her to approach workplace challenges with insight and a restorative mindset. She is solution focused with a genuine interest in supporting clients to achieve improvement and optimisation. Her strong project management skills are valuable for large matters involving large participant groups.

Tanya designs workplace surveys to measure workplace engagement, psychosocial factors and workplace culture. These provide quantitative data about employee perspectives of their workplace and benchmarking workplace culture for continual improvement. A natural presenter, she is comfortable facilitating project and review outcomes to management teams and large groups with humour and insight.

Qualifications and Certifications

Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)

Mediation – NMAS Accreditation