Tanya Mere

Tanya Mere


Tanya is an experienced office manager who brings to her work professionalism and skills and abilities in developing and nurturing relationships. In addition, Tanya has advanced her skills in the areas of workplace reviews and conflict resolution. 

Tanya graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) from Macquarie University in 1995, following her interest in human nature and decision-making. Her experience has included work in client services, facility and office management, and executive assistant roles within the media industry.

In 2010, Tanya established a remedial therapy practice where she nurtured her client-focused skills and through this practice, Tanya refined her counselling skills.

Tanya commenced working with WEIR in 2018 providing administration support and in early 2020 she was promoted to Business Development and Practice Manager. In this role, Tanya provides pivotal support to WEIR’s work.

Tanya’s work has expanded to her involvement as a consultant in the areas of workplace cultural and administrative views and conflict management. Tanya brings her natural abilities and developed skills to the work of WEIR.

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