Policies and processes

Policy reviews 

Are your policies up to date? Do they cover the key issues such as dealing with workplace bullying, discrimination and harassment; performance management and the consequences of poor performance; managing ill and injured employees; work health and safety; use of social media; appropriate conduct at work; how grievances are handled; workplace surveillance and what constitutes misconduct?  

Or are they exposing you to risk because they are out of date, haphazard and unclear?  

An organisation’s policies and procedures are an important part of workplace culture. They indicate to its staff what is valued and prioritised in the organisation.  

They also demonstrate your compliance with legal requirements such as work health and safety duties, help to protect you from liability and make clear what is expected of staff. 

We can review your existing policies, identify gaps and update them to best practice. 

Process reviews 

Processes and systems are the foundation for effective and healthy workplaces and teams.  

Process reviews are a collaborative process where we work with you to create systems and procedures that allow you to do your best work in the best manner possible. They are used to: 

  • address concerns about efficiency and productivity 
  • check that processes are fair and lawful  
  • ensure that requirements of work health and safety or other mandatory obligations are met
  • ensure that processes meet best practice standards.  

We use a range of tools in process reviews including: 

  • desktop reviews of documents and systems 
  • mapping of processes and relevant policies and procedures 
  • consideration of best practice principles 
  • development of a maturity assessment framework or other audit tool 
  • staff surveys  
  • one to one interviews with key stakeholders 
  • facilitation of focus groups 

We provide policy and process review services nationwide, with staff and offices along the east coast of Australia, including Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. Contact us to speak to a consultant.