Service Model

Individual Focused


Initial / preliminary assessments

Grievance investigations

Misconduct investigations

AWARE sexual harassment and sexual misconduct investigations

Individual Resolution Services

Facilitated discussion Mediation Negotiated behaviour process Restorative and conflict coaching


Performance Behaviour Leadership (individuals)

Rebuilding relationships coaching

Regulatory/Statutory Investigations

PID / Whistleblower complaints & investigations

Disciplinary investigations for regulated Professions

Legislative, policy or regulatory obligation investigations

Council conduct investigations

Regulatory Focused

Risk Management / Discharge of Statutory Obligations

Reportable conduct/ child protection


Reportable incidents/disability/NDIS

Aged Care WHS obligations

Regulatory Skill Development

Conducting workplace investigations

Report writing


Managing misconduct Fraud prevention

Regulatory reporting and accountability

Whistle blowing complaints

Group Focused

Workplace Skill Development

Group Resolution Services

Workplace culture reviews


Process reviews

Code of conduct

Bullying prevention & management

Managing workplace grievances

AWARE sexual harassment prevention & management

Soft Skill Development

Conflict resolution skills

Team ‘rules of engagement’

Team building & collaboration

Using character strengths

Appropriate workplace behaviour