Training your employees

WEIR has been training employees in vital workplace skills and helping to improve workplace culture for 7 years.

Whether you need a comprehensive training session to meet your work health and safety obligations, transfer skills or implement a management decision we can provide a session tailored for you.


Transforming workplace culture

Workplace culture is often described as “the way we do things around here.” Conflict, frequent complaints, poor performance, bullying, avoidance, gossip, high levels of sick leave, misconduct and lack of engagement are all signs of a harmful or “toxic” workplace culture.

We have years of experience in identifying what is affecting the culture of your workplace, making recommendations, and providing solutions.


Workplace training

Examples of our training expertise include:

  • workshops on integrity, fraud and corruption prevention provided to all employees of a government agency, to meet the recommendations of a fraud investigation
  • a workshop on prevention and management of sexual harassment at work for a company in the resources sector
  • online and face to face training for human resource professionals in various sectors on how to investigate workplace misconduct.
 Other areas of training include:
    • bullying prevention and management
    • Code of Conduct training
    • values training
    • managing workplace grievances
    • managing poor performance
    • conducting workplace investigations
  • sexual harassment prevention and management
  • work health and safety including psychosocial safety
  • whistleblowing and public interest disclosures

Training sessions can be held face to face or online.

Workshops for a better workplace

We have designed workshops to help transform your culture from one where people do not want to come to work to one where they are positive, collaborative and engaged. Our workshops provide a safe space to

  • build interpersonal skills
  • increase trust and respect
  • building resilience to challenges
  • increase collaboration and improve performance
  • identify and apply team values and principles
  • face change

The power of collaboration

collaborizza boxWEIR has partnered with the Hargraves Institute to bring our clients the benefits of Collaborizza®, the team collaboration workshop in a box. Combined with our consultants’ expertise in helping teams who are dysfunctional or have just lost their mojo, a Collaborizza® workshop may be just what your team needs.

Collaborizza brings together two powerful tools: CCS Corporation’s image card facilitation system known as CCS Cards, and Hargraves Institute’s Collaboration Assessment Tool for Teams. CCS cards are image cards used for coaching, facilitation and self discovery.

The cards create a safe, constructive space for open, honest and robust team conversations about performance, thriving and collaborative behaviours, led by an experienced WEIR facilitator. We have used Collaborizza to help resolve team conflict, develop values, build trust and connection, boost positivity and engagement and create team goals and actions.

Flow cards

The Flow card system enables leaders and employees to safely initiate meaningful discussion about what can be done within a team to help it perform more effectively. They cover:

  • leadership – how we lead others (WE)
  • resilience – how we manage ourselves (ME)

The cards pose critical questions for the leader and the individual in 8 key areas including behaviours, actions, infrastructure, expertise and culture. They work equally for group or individual conversations, involve all parties in the discussion and lead participants to a practical solution.

Contact us about running a Collaborizza or Flow workshop for your team

We offer training and workshops nationwide, both face to face and virtual, with staff and offices on the east coast of Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Central Coast, Gold Coast or Brisbane. Contact us to speak to a consultant.