Workplace Coaching Services

WEIR provides workplace & employee coaching services for the purpose of improving job-related skills, performance, or work-related personal development and leadership. We may recommend employee coaching when:

  • An employee has a complex development need best met with a one to one helping process.
  • Interpersonal communication differences exist between colleagues
  • Other interventions such as training have not achieved or are unlikely to achieve the desired result.

Workplace coaching may be called for to address problem behaviours identified in an investigation, assist a leader deal with complex challenges or help address organisational culture issues in teams.  It can also address the fallout in a team following restructure, complaints or investigations.

It is a collaborative process which has the aim of enhancing the employee’s performance, wellbeing or development and their ability to make positive purposeful change. It can be one on one or team-based and has proven benefits for wellbeing, performance and skills, coping, work attitudes, as well as goal aspiration and achievement.

Skills coaching can include addressing interpersonal behaviours, dealing with difficult or stressful situations and giving effective feedback. Performance coaching aims to improve ability to achieve work-related goals and targets, improve motivation and assist with change and receptivity to feedback.

Leadership coaching has the goal of developing the abilities and capacities of individuals to enhance their leadership.

Conflict coaching is a process in which a trained coach helps individuals gain increased competence and confidence to manage and respond to interpersonal conflicts and disputes.  This method can be used as an early intervention strategy, to address patterns of conflict or as part of facilitated discussion and mediation.

Our workplace coaching services involve engagement with key stakeholders such as the coachee’s manager; an agreement setting out the coaching goals and timeframe and evidence-based coaching methods.

We also offer assessment in Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, MTQ Plus (mental toughness), VIA Strengths and Facet 5 personality profiles to assist individuals with change, as well as University coaching qualifications.

We provide Workplace (and employee) coaching services with staff and offices along the east coast of Australia, including Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, and providing services nationally. Contact us for more information.

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