Workplace Reviews

WEIR has extensive experience in conducting workplace culture, administration, and operational reviews across several domains, including local and state government and not for profit organisations. The reviews are a collaborative tool that helps to identify systemic problems and concerns and build pathways to resolve ongoing team, process, and organisational dysfunction.

Workplace culture reviews

Workplace culture is the shared values, beliefs, assumptions and norms that affect the way people and groups in an organisation interact with each other. It is the unwritten rules that exist in a workplace – or ‘how things are done around here.’

Workplace culture reviews support organisations and managers to better understand the way people and groups in a workplace interact with each other and get things done. They can provide insight into systems, values, behaviour, norms, and assumptions in the workplace which may affect whether organisational needs are not being met.

While our approach will identify root causes, it is not focused on blame, but rather on understanding why the situation has occurred and remedies to resolve the concerns.

The nature of the review undertaken will differ depending on the aims and the nature of the concerns that are arising in the workplace. WEIR spends time with our clients to understand the aims and objectives of a review and develop a tailored approach to suit the needs of the organisation. In general, we follow an approach that involves:

  • Diagnosing the key issues using processes such as: staff surveys; interviews with key staff; facilitating group workshops and desktop reviews of an organisation’s existing policies, procedures, and guides.
  • Ongoing feedback and consultation with the organisation’s contact person/s.
  • Providing analysis and recommendations that address considerations such as: describing the current state, including strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities; root causes of the dysfunction; organisational risks and controls; best practice and pathways to build positive workplace culture and where applicable resolve conflicts.

Administrative reviews

Administrative reviews involve mapping processes, reviewing policies and procedures, and using mechanisms to determine the effectiveness and efficiency of work that is being undertaken.

Like workplace culture reviews, WEIR spends time with our client to understand the aims and objectives of the review. We use a range of tools in progressing administrative reviews including:

  • desktop reviews and mapping of processes and relevant policies and procedures
  • research into best practice principles
  • development of and use of maturity assessment framework and other audit tools
  • staff surveys developed and tailored to the specific needs of your workplace
  • one to one interviews with key stakeholders
  • facilitation of focus groups.
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